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    Angelina's Quick & Easy Nighttime Skincare Ritual

    Angelina's Quick & Easy Nighttime Skincare Ritual

    We're often tired in the evening and spending time taking care of our skin can seem like a tiresome chore. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be! We can get all the benefits of a great skincare ritual whether we have plenty of time and energy to give back to ourselves, or if we're falling asleep on our feet.


    The Quickie: Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize
    Time: 3 Minutes or Less

    Our first order of business is to wash away the day. Cleansing is vital to removing all the makeup, dust and pollutants that could clog our pores and also create inflammation overnight. I've outlined a few different ways you can cleanse- read through these and choose whichever appeals to you.

    If you're new to skincare and unsure of which to try, don't stress out over it. I've used all of these cleansing methods and they all work beautifully. Personally, I switch it up on the daily, depending on how I feel. Just pick something that sounds nice, try it out for a week or two and see how you like it.

    The No Rinse Cleanse
    Why? This is the quickest, easiest way to cleanse. If you're wearing makeup, this is the waay to go- at leasts as a first step.
    Pour some Micellar water onto a soft cloth or makeup remover pad. I prefer the organic cotton pads with a scrubby side for cheeks, nose and forehead and a softer side for removing eye makeup. I don't personally wear much makeup, if any, but the Micellar water is perfect for quickly removing sunscreen and my daytime moisturizer. We make a great one, called our Apple Chamomile Micellar Water.

    The Traditional Cleanse
    Why? This is a simple, easy way to wash your face and we make several traditional cleansers for all unique skin types. If you wear makeup, you may want to begin with the No Rinse Cleanse to remove your makeup effectively, then wash off anything remaining with a Traditional Cleanser. Traditional Cleansers include gel, soap-based and cream cleansers. Basically any cleanser you apply to damp skin and then wash off with water.

    Splash some tepid water on your face and neck. Massage some gel or cream cleanser into your damp skin using your hands and fingertips. My favorite gel cleanser these days is our luxuriously foaming Apple Chamomile Cleansing Gel. It's soap free, foams up beautifully and gets you squeaky clean. When my skin is feeling dry, I prefer to use our Youth in Bloom Hydrating Cleanser. Rinse with tepid or cool water. For a very mild exfoliation, gently scrub with a soft cloth. Avoid scrubbing near your eyes, so you don't overstretch that delicate skin.

    The Oil Cleanse
    Why? Some skin responds very well to oil cleansing. Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or reactive skin, this may be a healthy way to keep your skin happy. Not sure? Give it a try for a week or two and see how your skin responds.

    Massage an oil based cleanser, like our Apricot Cleansing Oil, right into dry skin. The oil bonds to oils, dirt and makeup. Remember, oil and water don't mix, so remove this with a makeup remover pad (reusable cloth pads are zero waste!) or a soft dry cloth. Trying to keep your skincare minimal? You can use simple olive or coconut oil in a pinch.

    The Double Cleanse
    Why? Double cleansing is great if you wear a lot of makeup, sunscreen, or have just been outside and feel extra dirty.
    This may sound like a lot of work, but it's actually pretty quick. Begin with The Oil Cleanse. Follow with The Traditional Cleanse. See instructions above.


    Now we apply a treatment to take our skin in whichever direction we need to get it back into balance. Apply a few drops of your favorite serum or facial oil, massaging it into your face, neck and chest with your fingertips. Apply any remaining product to the backs of your hands- they need some love too!
    Take a minute to do something else as this sinks in- brush your teet, remove your contacts, take ten long, deep breaths and relax, etc.

    After allowing your serum or facial oil to sink in for a minute, we apply a moisturizer. This will lock in the serum you just used, nourish yoru skin overnight and give your skin time to rejuvenate overnight. Masssage your moisturizer into yoru face, neck and chest. Apply any remaining product to the backs of your hands.

    That's it! So quick and easy. Time is the one thing we never get a refund on. Spending just a couple - three minutes every night makes a world of difference in the health of our skin. Not just for vanity, but to keep our largest organ strong and healthy. Taking time to care for ourselves in this way, every day, is deeply healing both emotionally and mentally. We give so much of ourselves all day to our family, work and communities and it's vital that we refill our own cups, so to speak.

    Some terrible people may have us think that spending even a few dollars or minutes every day on ourselves is "selfish", when, in fact, it's necessary. We can only continue to give if we have the energy to do so. Giving to ourselves is the first step to ensuring we have excess energy to be generous with. We are worthy of love and care, so let's love on ourselves.

    Have a beautiful evening. You are so loved.

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