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For the Love of Lemons

For the Love of Lemons

This time of year, as the long hot days march on, I often turn to melons and citrus for drinks, snacks and salads. Anything cooling and refreshing to quench my thirst and pull out the heat. Citrus has a way of naturally soothing our skin as well and I'm fascinated with how, like many of our plant allies, it grows when and where it's needed. In the hottest, driest places, groves of these sweet fruits abound. Ripening as the sun hits its zenith, these luscious fruits also lighten sun damaged skin. How cool is that?

Formulating our Detox Lemon Drop collection has been a journey of love and obsession over the last two decades. I wanted to almost taste the aroma- the fresh, juicy tartness of lemons. 🍋

Did you know there are many different kinds of lemon essential oil? I began my aromatic journey by sampling every lemon essential oil I could find and fell in love with an organic Italian lemon. Citrus essential oil is unique in that, instead of being steam distilled, it’s cold pressed from the fresh rinds. For some reason, the oil from an organic orchard in Italy smells the most luscious to my nose.

Detox Lemon Drop Brightening Collection

But lemon alone is a bit flat. I round this aroma out with a fresh pink grapefruit, organically grown in the USA. My love for this fruit goes back to early childhood. We had a grapefruit tree in the backyard of my parents house. Early each morning, my sister and I would go out and choose one for breakfast. To eat something still living is to truly live, I believe. It was always a magical experience for me and the aroma brings me right back to those moments at dawn. The sharp smell of a torn citrus leaf, the bitter taste of the rind, the sweetness of the juice. The special grapefruit spoon with the little serrated teeth. We made a ritual of cutting the fruit in half, placing it in a bowl, just so, then carefully cutting out each section and then slowly savoring every bite.

LIMES  I've added fresh lime oil and organic grown lemongrass from India give the aroma body. Ginger lends a hint of spice- almost imperceptible, but important nonetheless.

GINGER Ginger essential oils can vary greatly and it’s vital to find one that’s distilled from the fresh rhizomes and at the correct temperature. It can smell sharp, dry and harsh or sweet-tart. We prefer the sweeter ginger oil for this blend. It pairs beautifully with the intoxicating aroma of Tahitian vanilla extract that we buy from a family farm.

Together, these essential oils smell like the first sip of a Lemon Drop cocktail, or a delicious lemon bar dessert. My love is in formulating something that gives us a wonderful aromatic experience while doing our skin some good. These oils are all know for their ability to instantly lift our mood. At the same time, they calm the skin. They’re also known to detoxify soft tissues, *hopefully reducing the appearance of cellulite. Citrus oils also brighten skin and encourage collagen synthesis.

I hope you enjoy this brightening body care collection as much as I do. It’s my gift to you.


Detox Lemon Drop Hand & Body Lotion

Detox Lemon Drop Sugar Scrub

Detox Lemon Drop Hand & Body Soap


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