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As a woman “of a certain age”, I’ve experienced several seasons of life and the skin I’m living in has been with me the entire time. As I’ve aged, so has my skin. As I’ve changed, so has my skin. It’s been with me from the beginning and the passage of time and its effects on my skin have taught me some valuable lessons.

Lesson 1: Your Skin is Always Telling You Something 

The life you're living shows everything. Are you stressed, sleep deprived, dehydrated? Are you happy, do you eat (mostly) well, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and exercise? Every choice you make shows up in the mirror eventually. Not just your face, but your entire body. It’s great motivation to try and live your healthiest life. It’s also a good reminder that when things aren’t going so great, it’s possible to turn things around. Dehydrated, compromised skin can be improved and often so can the circumstances in life that are stressing you out. Taking time to be the healthiest version of yourself is a worthwhile pursuit.

Lesson 2: Happiness & Kindness Are More Beautiful Than Anything You Put On 

As you age, you learn through experience that the true beauty of human beings comes from within. Skincare and cosmetics can be beneficial and are fun, but the external benefits of using “beauty” products is not the true measure of beauty. Beauty is how you treat the world and the other living things you share this planet with. This notion of beauty won’t sell on a glossy magazine cover next to the checkout stand, but it is the truth.  It is also true that sometimes a little lip gloss doesn’t hurt. Boost yourself up however you can, then go out and boost up others. 

Lesson 3: Play the Long Game

Consistency is the key to success in nearly everything.  Life can be a long game and finding what works for you and what you’ll stick with matters. It’s not always the most exciting way; it’s just the most effective way. Want to start exercising? Start by taking a walk, not running a marathon. Want to retire someday? Start saving a little every month. Having trouble with breakouts? Start with a gentle skincare routine with effective products. Be patient; change can take time. And time is passing every day.

Lesson 4: Classic is Always in Style

Trying new things can be fun but if you have something that works for you, there’s no reason to abandon it for the newest thing unless you want to. Societal pressures and the non-stop push of consumerism in our lives can lead us to believe that our tried and true favorites need to be discarded for the current “it” thing. Not true! Trust your instincts (which only get better with age) and do what’s best for you. Trusting in yourself will always be in style.

Lesson 5: Patience Works

Patience with yourself, your life and your skin will pay off. It’s not easy to wait, but it may be more rewarding in the end. Often, you have no choice but to wait and accepting that fact, instead of stressing about it, is the healthier option. Does it suck to have to wait? Yes. Is it unavoidable? Yes. You might as well chill and use the time to your benefit. Meditate, take a nap or relax with a great book and mask. At least that way when you're done passing the time you’ll be more relaxed and your skin will feel great. 

Lesson 6: Anti-Aging is a Ridiculous Term

You age. You age or you die. Those are the two options. How about instead of using the unattainable term “anti-aging” we all start saying pro-aging or aging well? It is a gift to get older and it is not something everyone gets to experience. Can the maintenance of the body and mind as you age be challenging? Sure. But with the challenge of taking care of yourself as you age comes an internal confidence that allows you to move through the world as your authentic self. And nothing is more beautiful than self-confidence.

Lesson 7: Love Your Face and Body

Easier said than done sometimes, but the body you are in is the only place you have to live on this planet. Self-acceptance and Love can be hard to come by, but they are essential to living a contented life. Smile at yourself in the mirror once in a while. You deserve it.

Lesson 8: Never Stop Trying New Things

Always be learning. Always be exploring. Aging doesn’t mean you should quit being curious. There’s a lot to see and do and you’re never too old to try. Your body might ache a bit more, so what. Apply some Deep Freeze Sore Muscle Rub and get on with the living. 

What lessons have you learned from your skin?



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