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Tension Lifter [Headache Relief] Roll On
Tension Lifter [Headache Relief] Roll On
Tension Lifter [Headache Relief] Roll On

Tension Lifter [Headache Relief] Roll On

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Indications: With easy-to-use roll-on application, apply daily to temples (directly left & right of eye sockets) for relief from physical, stress-induced tension, or headaches.

Benefits: Essential oils of eucalyptus leaf, lavender, myrrh resin, chamomile, vetiver grass, helichrysum, calm and sooth the nervous system, relieving minor headaches. Simultaneously, rosemary, peppermint, bergamot, lime, basil and cardamom energize and promote focus.

10.5 ml / .35 fl oz

Key Ingredients:

peppermintOrganic Peppermint Essential Oil: Incredibly refreshing and cooling to the senses. Increases circulation, energerizes.

eucalyptusEucalyptus Essential Oil: Eases breathing, calms and sooths nerves. Helps mental concentration and relieves mental exhaustion.

rosemary Rosemary Essential Oil: Heightens awareness and alertness.

myrrhMyrrh Essential Oil: Known to relieve anxiety, uplift the mind, soothe stress, negativity and fear. Myrrh encourages feelings of peace, enhances mental focus and meditation, promotes creativity and reduces irritability.

jojoba Jojoba Oil: This is our carrier oil for our essential oil blends, diluting the powerful, potent, pure essential oils. Cold-pressed jojoba oil is hypo-allergenic (unlike most nut oils) and is the closest plant oil to our skin’s own sebum (skin oil), providing a uniquely breathable and non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) protective layer on the skin, increasing the skin's ability to aborb essential oils.

Full ingredients list: Jojoba oil*, essential oils of peppermint*, eucalyptus globulus*, rosemary*, Oregon lavender*, bergamot, cajeput~, Roman chamomile*, turmeric*, cardamom*, sweet basil*, lime*, cilantro, immortelle (helichrysum)*, myrrh~ and vetiver*.

*Certified Organic


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