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    Beauty Sleep Mask

    There are several different types of mushrooms; they can be delicious, poisonous and some are even said to be “magical”. The one I'm talking about today is the multi-faceted Snow Mushroom.

    Snow mushroom (Tremella fuciformis) extract is a natural ingredient that provides many benefits for skin. Let’s look at some of the ways this mighty mushroom can help improve the health and appearance of your complexion.

    Hydration & Moisturization: Snow mushroom extract is rich in polysaccharides, specifically beta-glucans, which have the ability to hold and retain moisture. This can lead to improved hydration and skin moisturization, making it especially beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin. 

    Natural Hyaluronic Acid Alternative: Snow mushroom extract is sometimes used as a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid is well-known for its ability to attract and retain water, providing plumpness and moisture to the skin. The particles in snow mushroom are smaller than those in Hyaluronic Acid, so they have the ability to penetrate the skin more easily. This means snow mushroom extract offers similar, if not better, effects when used in a skincare formula. 

    Calming Barrier Support:  Snow mushroom extract contains polysaccharides, which are anti-inflammatory molecules. Polysaccharides help calm irritation and strengthen the skin barrier to lock in moisture. A strong barrier is essential to protecting the skin from external aggressors, maintaining moisture balance and preventing water loss. A soothed, well-hydrated complexion is a healthy complexion. 

    Complexion Brightening: The extract can help contribute to a brighter complexion. Its moisturizing properties help to improve skin tone and texture, making it great at improving dull skin.

    Antioxidant Protection: Snow mushroom extract contains antioxidants that can aid in protecting the skin from environmental factors like pollution and UV exposure. This helps contribute to overall healthier skin. 

    Gentle Exfoliation: Snow mushroom extract contains amino acids which are beneficial in aiding cell turnover. This mild exfoliation helps to improve the overall appearance and texture of all skin types, including blemish-prone.

    And the icing on the snow mushroom cake is that they are sustainably cultivated. It doesn’t take large amounts of land or water to grow them.

    Given the plethora of benefits this mighty ingredient provides, we had to include it in our new Beauty Sleep Snow Mushroom + C & A Overnight Brightening Mask. This creamy overnight mask melts into the skin while you sleep, delivering a powerful yet gentle cocktail of ingredients to brighten, smooth, hydrate and plump.

    We here at aos have been using the new mask for a while and it became a favorite almost instantly. We’re excited for you to try it and let us know what you think. 

    Rest beautifully friends.

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