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    Spring Equinox Musings

    Spring Equinox Musings

    The earth is beginning to warm and stir. Days are lengthening as the darkness lessens. In Central Oregon, spring comes with loads of fresh snow, that will filter down through miles of lava, fill our aquifers and rivers.

    Snow here means we'll be able to grow food and our rivers will run in the summer. After years of intense drought, we dare not complain about more snow falling each day. It is a precious gift.

    Many of you live in warmer climes and are already celebrating the return of birds and blooms. This time of year, I breathe deeply, relaxing a little more inside, knowing the warmth and sunshine are coming soon.

    After a long winter of turning inwards, sitting quietly with the darkness and growing our roots, the forces of nature want us to open now. With courage and joy to unfold in the light, feasting our hearts our hearts on love as we reach up to soak in the warmth of the sun.

    It’s time to unclench our fists and hearts! Stop holding back the blossoming! It’s time to shake off the winter.

    A spring cleanse is in order now. Give your body the spaciousness to release, reset, and be nourished.

    For your skin: Use your masks! Exfoliate, scrub away the film of dead skin- let yourself breathe! Brighten and nourish your skin from head to toe.

    This is the time to dive into the Brighten Up collection. Let your inner radiance shine, my loves.


    Blue Sapphire Illuminating Body Oil

    Detox Lemon Drop Brightening Sugar Scrub
    Blue Sapphire Concentrated Brightening Oil

    Blue Sapphire Concentrated Brightening Oil

     coconut lactic peel

    Coconut Lactic Peel

    Cucumber Face Polish
    Cucumber Face Polish
    Detox Lemon Drop Brightening Hand & Body Lotion
    Detox Lemon Drop Brightening Hand & Body Lotion


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