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This is NOT Goodbye

This is NOT Goodbye
My dear friends and community,
After fifteen years of holding space and building community with our "brick and mortar" stores, we're ready to take the first steps on the next trail of the evolution of the project we call aos Skincare.
First, and very importantly, aos IS NOT CLOSING. We are not going out of business In fact, we've been growing steadily and sometimes very quickly, over the last few years!
We're partnering with Wren & Wild!
Wren & Wild logo
  • Shop 7 Days a Week
  • Longer Hours- 10am-6pm M-Sat, 11-6 Sun
We've Been Listening
Every day as I run the store, I hear many of you say you came by and we were closed. We want you to have access to your skincare every day and for longer hours. And that's why we've decided to partner with our loveliest of neighbors, Wren & Wild. 
You'll have more access to your favorite aos Skincare!
I'm thrilled for you to meet them, if you haven't already. And they're just steps away- right around the corner from our downtown store.
Thank you for the pleasure of being a part of the community with our store. For hours and years of conversation and sharing.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch you and your families grow, watching your children grow and have babies of their own. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives and sharing your life events, celebrating your milestones, crying with you, laughing, and most of all, building so many wonderful friendships along the way. For stopping in just to say, "hello" and check in with us whenever you were downtown.
I look forward to having the time to create beauty, more and better products, deepening my connection to the plant allies we work with and the farmers who lovingly nurture them- and to meeting new ones.
I look forward to spending more time with Elisa (she makes all the products, you know!) as we grow this amazing creation for you and for our own pleasure and passion.
Exciting new things on the horizon:
  • New Products Launching this year
  • Improved Formulas
  • More and better services
  • Free Shipping Online through August 31
  • Coming Back: Personal Skin Consultations (online)
Thank you for supporting us and our crazy idea of creating plant based skincare long before it was hip and before we had a brick and mortar store. In some ways, we're coming full circle -kind of like our practice of Full Circle Beauty. We began aos in 2001, selling to retailers and online. Going back to that model is an interesting experience, one we're excited about. We've long outgrown our production space- again- and are so excited to find a new and larger space to make all these beautiful things in.
Change, and hopefully growth, are our constant companions in life.
I see this move as a graduation of sorts- like when I moved aos from the kitchen in my log cabin to a 600 square foot house downtown in 2008, and then again to our current lovely space on Bond Street. Elisa and I have very carefully managed the growth of aos over the years to maintain our exceptionally high standards of quality and this next move is a continuation of that dedication and practice of excellence.
Your online shopping experience is only going to get better! Check in now and then for updates and be sure to check your email or our social for the same. I'm thrilled to have more time to improve our online store for you all. And thank you to everyone who sends feedback- I'm all ears for how we can improve your online experience!
Let's begin with a big celebration! Our annual Summer Stock up Sale is this week- Thurs-Sat. July 27-29.
We're offering 20% - 50% off storewide!
Check your email and our web banners for exciting GWP's (Gifts With your Purchase).
Free shipping on all orders through August 31
What would a sale be without a party?
In our Bend Store: You know I'll be serving up some creative herbal infused cocktails and some groovy music.
See you this week, my friends!
It's been the most wonderous journey.

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Laura Gedgaudas calendar_today

Angelina and AOS staff- congratulations on the new collaboration and future endeavors! Grateful for your beautiful products and soooo grateful you’ll still be around! See ya soon :)
Xo Laura Gedgaudas

Angela Leja calendar_today

Since I have just recently found you, my heart clutched a. little hearing the closure. After reading your explanation, I feel very comfortable that it’s a win-win for your customers and for you. I hope that’s true. You are truly a gifted woman, and I so appreciate benefiting from that. Thank you.

Carmen Noxon calendar_today

Hello. I live in Portland Oregon so the online aspect of doing business with you is most appreciated. I’m glad you are going to have more time to improve your existing products, as well as, developing new ones. I have had good results with the products I use and intend to continue using them. I also plan to try more products that sound interesting to me. I’ll look forward to the summer sale.

Ami Bergstrom calendar_today

Congratulations on your new chapter! Your store on Bond Street was so lovely; sure glad we had the opportunity to visit you there and get the “behind-the-curtain” tour! Love you, Ami and Rick

Debora calendar_today

It’s been a joy to watch you grow your company through the years. Your products are amazing! You, your company, and your employees have been a real blessing to your community, there in Bend, and online.
Congratulations, and we’ll be excited to see what all comes next!

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