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    Kama Body Incense

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    Kama Body Incense

    $69.16 $69.16
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    Kama Body Incense

    It's Finally Back!
    - And now in a bottle both a pleasure to hold and practical, as it dispenses the perfect amount into your palm. We're offering our most popular perfume this year in twice the amount (10g) for the original price, because when you fall in love with it, you always want more and we never know if or when we'll obtain it again. With love, Angelina and the aos Team.

    The aroma of Kama is the sensuous scent of exotic wild harvested Indian lotus petals, sandalwood, frankincense, wild roses, love, secrets and magic melding into the scent of the human pulse.

    • Pure flower, leaf, root, sap and bark.
    • Lasting, beautiful, vibrational, powerful.
    • 100% pure and natural. You will never find any synthetic fragrances in our perfumes.

    Kama Body Incense is our most exotic, sensuous perfume. The aroma is genderless and blooms with your body heat to bring a sense of calm, groundedness and pleasure.

    This is an intimate scent. Kama is never overpowering, but always noticed when people draw near. You'll be amazed how often people tell you you smell incredible when wearing this perfume.

    A little history of our Kama Body Incense:

    Many years ago, Angelina was introduced to the Kama Body Incense by an Ayurvedic doctor she was consulting with, Dr Gary Sun in Reno, Nevada. The exotic aroma reminded her of temples in India, at once thrilling, intoxicating and spiritually grounding. Dr Sun and Angelina coordinated to purchase a batch from the herbalist that Dr Sun knew personally and it quickly became a customer favorite. Sadly, our herbalist friend passed away and we sold out of the fine perfume.

    A couple years later, Dr Sun received a phone call from India- the herbalist's son had discovered a bag of the body incense while going through his father's herbal stores. He offered it to us at a much inflated price and, as our customers were clamoring for more, we bought it - and sold out quickly.

    We were desperate for more, so Dr Sun journeyed to India with his last remaining few grams of the powder and found an herbalist to recreate the formula. Once again, we teamed up to buy a batch and, once again quickly sold out. The Kama Body Incense is very time and labor intensive to craft, so we've been waiting patiently as the herbalist gathers the required plants and extracts, preparing this fine perfume. This batch, we believe, is the most pleasing we've ever smelled and we're thrilled to offer it to you once again, this time in a bottle both a pleasure to behold and practical, as it dispenses just the right amount. We hope you find as much enjoyment as we do in this gift from the Earth and from the loving hands that crafted it for you.

    Directions:  A tiny pinch rubbed between the palms and over the body or sprinkled into the hair makes you smell amazing throughout the day.

    Full Ingredients List: Pure botanical extracts, resins and attars.

    Made exclusively for aos Skincare and bottled in Bend, Oregon 10g | 30mL | 1 fl oz

    Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon

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