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    Skin Types

    What is my skin type?

    At aos, we know your skin is as unique as you are and it can change throughout the seasons and over the years. After listening to tens of thousands of clients describe their skin over the last few decades, we've seen some strong patterns and developed our "8 Skin Types" to help guide you in understanding your skin, its needs and to help you find the products that will keep your gorgeous skin healthy, clear and radiant.

    Our products can meet several needs at once, so whether you're concerned about acne and breakouts or aging, hyperpigmentation and breakouts, we make something for that! We can help you address all your skin's needs and get you glowing again with bouncy, nourished, clear skin.


    Browse through our 8 Skin Types below to see which one fits your unique skin the best. If you still are unsure, don't worry, we've created a simple Skin Type Quiz to help you out. We're also always available for personal consultations, so reach out using our Online Chat feature (lower right hand corner of our website) or email us. We love to talk with you about your skin!


    SKIN TYPE #1
    Oily + Clogged Pores + Breakout Prone

    Skin Type 1 is consistently oily all over and prone to clogged pores and breakouts. it
    requires a careful combination of pore-cleaning BHA acid (willow bark extract), witch hazel and echinacea to disinfect and yarrow to speed healing of active breakouts. Read more...

    SKIN TYPE #2
    Combination + Breakout Prone + Sensitive / Red

    Skin Type 2 is sensitive, a little complicated and often difficult to
    balance. At once oily and prone to breakouts, it's also often dry-
    either in patches (like the cheeks) or in stages, swinging from dry to
    oily. Sensitivity to harsh chemicals and ingredients can make it hard to manage. A gentle approach is the best, eliminating irritating ingredients and introducing calming products that provide nutrients without clogging the pores. Read more...

    SKIN TYPE #3
    Combination + Aging + Breakout Prone

    Skin Type 3 is what we call combination- tending to be oily in some places, dry in others, in need of pro-aging support, but still prone to occasional breakouts. It requires gentle pore-clearing exfoliants and cleansers that don't dry out the skin. Apple amino acids and natural BHA (willow bark extract) keep pores clear and prevent breakouts while sugar-based lactic acid both exfoliates and hydrates at once. Read more...

    SKIN TYPE #4
    Combination + Aging + Sun Damaged

    Combination, aging, sun damaged skin requires effective AHA's, like lactic acid to boost cellular turnover. It needs to be nourished with botanical oils that won't clog pores (like jojoba and meadowfoam seed), plumped and firmed with a combination of powerful peptides and mushroom extracts. High levels of antioxidants and vitamin C visibly fade away dark spots. Read more...

    SKIN TYPE #5
    Balanced + Aging

    Aging skin tends to have a buildup of dead skin cells and can be dull, and often lacks elasticity and firmness. AHA's like lactic acid and a gentle scrub effectively exfoliate and speed cellular turnover. Nourishing botanical lipids and ceramides, along with hyaluronic acid and mushroom extracts deeply hydrate while bioactive peptides and firming botanicals bring back the bounce. Read more...

    SKIN TYPE #6
    Balanced + Sensitive / Red

    Skin type 6 needs a gentle approach to cleanse and exfoliate without causing more redness or irritation. Our extra-gentle formulas nurture and renew sensitive, stressed skin to help you and your complexion keep the peace. Read more...

    SKIN TYPE #7
    Dry + Sensitive / Red

    Skin Type 7 is dry, sensitive and needs a gentle approach to cleanse and exfoliate without causing more redness or irritation. Calming and nourishing botanicals hydrate while rich plant butters and lipids build up and protect the skin's moisture barrier. Read more...

    SKIN TYPE #8
    Dry + Sun Damaged + Aging

    Skin type 8 is in need of a boost in cellular turnover - regular exfoliation with AHAs like lactic acid and a manual scrub remove dull, dead skin to reveal younger, brighter skin cells underneath and increase absorption of nutrients. Read more...

    We're here for you! Our favorite thing is helping you identify your skin's unique needs and assisting you in finding the perfect products to bring your skin into a healthy balance and revealing your naturally glowing radiance. Use our online chat feature (find it in the bottom right hand corner of our website) or email us for a free personal consultation.

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