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    Angelina's Travel Tips

    Angelina's Travel Tips

    Traveling is so fun! Exploring and experiencing new places is one of my very favorite things to do. I've been traveling a lot the last few years and have definitely learned some things the hard way

    Use a Plastic Bag

    Has this happened to you? After a long day of travel, you arrive at your destination, ready to unwind. And you desperately need a little freshening up. You step into the bathroom, unzip that cute new toiletry bag - and something has spilled all over everything. Gross! Not only do you have a big mess to clean up, one of your products now needs to be replaced. For me, it's usually the shampoo or conditioner. Traveling is the rare occasion that I like to use a plastic bag. Rather than a wasteful disposable Ziploc bag, why not reuse a silicone food storage bag or an old dry bag? These are my favorites. Not only are they earth friendly, they're more durable too. I place anything that may leak, explode or drip into the bag.

    Convenience vs Having it All with you

    I don't know about you, but toiletries are one area of packing that's hard for me to be a minimalist in. Clothes? No problem, I can pare down easily. But skincare? Lotion? I want it all! And I want to travel light. It's a constant balancing act, isn't it? Packing is the time to be realistic. One little trick I've learned is at the end of a trip, I take out everything I used and snap a photo. I did this a few times and got a good idea of which products I actually use (hint- it's about half what I used to bring!).

    Plan Ahead

    When I return home from a trip, I clean out my toiletry bag and refill all the empty containers. Now that I travel more frequently, I keep those products in my toiletry bag and it's always ready to go.

    Facial Travel Minis - How Long Do They Last?

    Most of my trips last around 1-2 weeks and I really wanted some travel size skincare that's small and light, but will last me to right around the two week mark. My goal lately has been to use up all my toiletries by the last day.

    Here's how long our facial travel minis last most people:

    Cleanser- 8-10 days

    Mask - 3 uses

    Toner - 14 days

    Serum - 14 days

    Moisturizer - 10-12 days

    A Couple Tips for Travel Size Body Care

    • Save your 2oz facial moisturizer and mask jars- fill with sugar scrub
    • Save your 2oz facial moisturizer bottles - fill with body lotion or body oil

    Happy travels, my friends!

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