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    Skin Doctor Salve

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    Skin Doctor Salve

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    Skin Doctor Salve

    Rm Remedy

    [ repair + heal ]

    STEP 5: Moisturize + Protect 

    The world-famous Skin Doctor salve is the first skin care solution Angelina ever made and is still our most popular product. It's a special blend of natural moisturizers, essential oils and botanical extracts that soothe and moisturize dry, cracked, damaged skin. 

    It's doctor recommended.

    Physicians use and recommend the Skin Doctor salve for wound healing and scar prevention. 

    How Does it Work?

    When the skin’s upper layers are disrupted and damaged, it has a much harder time holding onto the hydration it needs to stay healthy. This leads to dry, cracked and painful skin. Skin Doctor salve not only helps prevent moisture loss from occurring, but it also draws moisture into the skin to get your hands and feet back into shape, quickly. The protective barrier seals in the hydration for long-lasting relief. 

    Beloved for the instant protection it provides, it’s also perfect for soothing all your owies, wherever you are. You'll love its portability too!

    Skin Doctor salve is wildly popular with health care providers, bartenders, cooks and child care workers- anyone who's required to wash their hands often.

    *Skin Doctor is 100% GUARANTEED! We’re so sure you’ll love it, we’ll return your money if you don't.


    • Nourishes skin
    • Deeply hydrates even the most dry, cracked skin
    • Helps prevent moisture loss
    • Speeds healing of minor cuts and scrapes
    • Prevents blisters when running, hiking and paddling
    • Prevents cracked hands & feet
    • Soothes eczema
    • Antibacterial essential oils help prevent infection
    • Antifungal essential oils help prevent foot fungus

    DIRECTIONS: Apply to clean skin as needed.

    TIP: For very cracked feet or hands, apply at night and cover with socks or gloves.


    Serious outdoor adventurers and long distance runners use Skin Doctor salve as a pre-event treatment to help prevent blisters on both hands and feet.


    • Starting a week before a big event or race, apply the salve every night to hands and feet. This will strengthen the outer skin layers and soften calluses.

    • For long runs and hikes: The morning of your event, apply a generous layer of salve to feet just before you put on socks. Reapply as needed.

    • For long kayak paddling days, apply as needed to create the perfect grip and slip on the paddle to prevent blisters.

    • Clean skin every night and massage salve into hands and feet.


    calendula oil Calendula flowers are rich in flavonoids that help soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. We slow-infuse organically grown calendula flowers in olive oil for several weeks to draw out the beneficial chemicals.
    hemp seed oil Hemp Seed Oil is full of vitamins, long-chain fatty acids and antioxidants to help fight sun and environmental damage.
    beeswax Beeswax has powerful soothing properties to calm and soothe skin while providing a strong moisture barrier. Our beeswax is carefully gathered and filtered by hand in Oregon from bees who eat from wild lands and organic farms.
    lavender Lavender calms and purifies the skin. The aroma is calming. Our lavender is grown and harvested just a few miles from our lab in beautiful Central Oregon at Tumalo Lavender Farm. This small family farm distills the essential oil right after harvest to yield some of the world's finest essential oil.
    olive oilOlive Oil is packed with healthy vitamins, fats, and antioxidants, and these components can contribute to healthier-looking skin. It helps lock in moisture to provide added protection against environmental stressors.
    arnica Arnica Flower Extract - While the specific mechanism of action has yet to be found, many studies have shown that arnica (used topically) can help calm irritates skin conditions. We slow-infuse organically grown arnica flowers in olive oil for several weeks to draw out the beneficial chemicals.

    FULL INGREDIENTS LIST: Cold-pressed unrefined extra virgin olive oil*, cold-pressed hemp seed oil*, calendula oil*, arnica oil*, St. John’s wort extract~, Oregon beeswax, vitamin E oil (wheat-free mixed tocopherols), essential oils of Oregon lavender*, rosemary*, tea tree*, thyme* and eucalyptus*.

    *Certified Organic ~Wild Harvested

    Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon



    Safety and Allergy guidelines

    The following safety guidelines should be observed before using aos products:

    Our products are for external use only. They contain oils, butters, extracts and essential oils from natural seeds, plants and fruits. If you have any allergies please read the product ingredients list carefully. We recommend that people with sensitive skin perform a patch test first to ensure there is no reaction. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

    Products and advice by aos make no claim to cure or prevent any disease or medical problem and is not intended to substitute other therapy or medical advice.

    Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon

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