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Apple Chamomile Micellar Water
Apple Chamomile Micellar Water
Apple Chamomile Micellar Water

Apple Chamomile Micellar Water

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Micellar water is a no-rinse makeup remover and cleanser that cleanses, soothes and refreshes skin in just one step.

Apple and chamomile hydrosols soothe skin. Horse chestnut, celebrated for it’s ability to repair damaged skin and decrease redness, leaves you feeling calm and fresh.

First, let’s start with the adorable word “micelle”: a tiny oil molecule. To become micellar water, insoluble micelles are added to water. There, they form a colloidal substance - meaning they’re so small, buoyant, and numerous that they can remain evenly dispersed throughout the water. This is how the oil molecules remain integrated, instead of separating as oil would normally do when added to water.

Within a colloidal substance, micelles are able to then be applied as microscopic surfactants, where they can deeply cleanse a porous surface like your skin. These tiny oil molecules are attracted to bits of dirt, oil, and makeup on your skin. Micelles bond with these impurities, and carry them off of the skin as their colloid counterpart (water) rinses them away.

Micelles are considered to be more gentle than chemical surfactants, which can strip and dry your skin. These impressive little molecules are small enough to grab the tiniest bits of debris, while simultaneously providing ample moisturization to skin. Essentially, micellar waters are made to deeply cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize - all in one step.

DIRECTIONS: Pour onto cloth pad until fully saturated. Gently wipe pad across face to cleanse and remove makeup. Follow with your favorite serum and moisturizer.

TIP: For a deeper (double) cleanse, follow with a gel or creamy cleanser.


Apple Fruit Hydrosol is made by steam distilling fresh organic apples. Retaining trace elements from fresh apples, it hydrates and nourishes the skin. The gentle astringent and toning properties in apple tighten pores and help prevent acne.

Chamomile Flower Hydrosol is made by steam distilling the fresh flowers. It comforts and moisturizes the skin. The natural antihistamine compounds in chamomile soothe and calm inflammatory skin conditions.

Apple Amino Acids are a standardized extract from an organic crop of fresh apples that gently cleanses and has a slight exfoliating effect due to the AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). Naturally high in vitamin C and various phenols, this extract brightens skin and helps reverse sun damage by scavenging free radicals. It also reduces trans-epidermal water loss, keeping our skin moisturized.

Horse Chestnut Extract is very soothing to the skin and contains compounds that strengthen capillaries, decreasing the appearance of spider and varicose veins and rosacea. Rich in antioxidants, it helps reverse skin aging caused by sun and environmental damage.

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins and minerals and calms, cools and soothes the skin. Ours is organically grown and carefully harvested in the USA.

FULL INGREDIENTS LIST: Apple fruit hydrosol*, Roman chamomile flower hydrosol*, olive oil emulsifier, Kosher vegetable glycerine, horse chestnut extract (organically grown), apple amino acids (gentle cleanser), aloe vera juice*, sodium lactate (sugar based), gluconolactone and sodium benzoate (non-GMO, ECOCERT preservatives).

*Certified Organic
Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon 4 fl oz | 120ml

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Micellar Water - A Great New Addition

Delivers a clean, fragrant cleanse (and love the slight scent of apple); great new product!

Marykate H.
United States United States