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Reusable Pump for 4oz Bottles

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Reusable Pump for 4oz Bottles

This pump fits our 4oz bottles. Use for cleansers and body oils.

Directions: Screw pump onto bottle. Twist the top of the pump counter clockwise to pop it up.


- If the pump won't pop up, try twisting the collar down onto the bottle harder. This fixes the issue 99% of the time.

- Rarely, the pump will create a vacuum in the bottle which results in product siphoning out- and spilling out from the pump. If you see a puddle of product dripping out of the pump, unscrew the pump from the bottle. This will remove the vacuum and fix the problem.

To Clean Your Pump:

Fill a bottle or glass with warm, soapy water. Pump the water until your pump is clean. To sanitize the pump, add some rubbing alcohol (or other clean alcohol like vodka) to water and pump it through several times. Air dry.


*Certified Organic ~Wild Harvested

Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon

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