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    Although this time of year is meant to be filled with joy and celebration, the holiday season can often become overwhelming. By simplifying and focusing on what really matters you can create a more enjoyable and less stressful holiday experience for yourself and those around you. 

    Following are a few suggestions to help reduce stress during this busy time of year.


    Is all too easy to get caught up in the go, go, go of the holiday season. Try to slow down and identify the most important aspects of the holidays for you and your loved ones. Focus on activities and traditions that hold special meaning. Ignore the pressure to do all things and go to all the parties. If you're not enjoying yourself, it’s not worth it. 

    Set Realistic Expectations

    Avoid setting overly high expectations for yourself and others. Recognize that perfection is not necessary for a meaningful holiday season. No one is going to care if your pie is store bought or homemade. The time you get to spend with others is more important than how much time you spend in the kitchen attempting to perfect a 17-step Martha Stewart recipe. 

    Simplify Meals

    “Many Hands Make Light Work.” Utilize this idea to make holiday get-togethers more enjoyable and less stressful. Consider potluck-style meals instead of hosting the holiday gatherings entirely by yourself. Everyone gets to help and everybody can try something new. 

    Gift Giving

    Set reasonable budgets and focus on thoughtful, meaningful gifts this year. Presents don’t need to be expensive to be wonderful. And consider giving experiences instead of material goods. Future memories make great gifts.


    Avoid overcommitting. It’s alright to say “no thank you.” Plan downtime to relax and recharge, ensuring a balance between socializing and personal time. Prioritizing your health over the holidays will help ensure you’re able to enjoy the time you get to spend with friends and family. 

    Simplify Your Skincare Routine with Multitasking Products

    Its hard to fit everything in and when things get hectic, we often skip steps in our normal skincare routine to save a few minutes, but what if you can use one product to accomplish two or more steps? For example, a sugar scrub, loaded with Shea butter and oils cleanses, exfoliates (removes dead skin) and moisturizes all at once. Or the Apple Chamomile Micellar Water- it’s a no-rinse makeup remover and cleanser in one.

    Our latest invention- the Beauty Sleep Overnight Brightening Mask has been instantly and wildly popular, probably because it does so many things, all while we sleep! It replaces our nighttime moisturizer a few days a week, brightens skin tone, plumps, firms, smooths rough skin and leaves us soft and glowing in the morning. Angelina created this mask specifically for those of us who don’t feel we have time to add yet another step into our busy schedules. 

    Practice Gratitude

    The recommendation to practice gratitude is not new. But there is a reason you hear it so often: Because focusing on what you’re thankful for instead of what you don’t have will help to remind you that there are reasons to be happy each day. 

    Keeping things simple during the holiday season can help to maintain your mental well-being and lessen stress. By emphasizing simplicity, you can focus on the core aspects of  holidays that bring joy and meaning without the chaos. 

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